Speakers on climate

David Archibald

David first became involved in climate science in 2005 when Bob Foster, a former manager of BHP Petroleum, asked him to replicate the work of a German scientist on the role of the gas planets in controlling the solar system. He has published many articles and a number of books and papers on the subject since. David has lectured on climate science in a US Senate hearing room in 2011 and was invited back to lecture in a US House hearing room in 2013. A paper, co-authored with Ed Fix, elucidating the influence of the gas planets on the solar cycle was published in 2016.

In 1999, David was retained as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of NSW in the fields of petroleum geology and steel mill technology. In 2003 he co-authored a patent application for an anti-cancer drug with two professors from Purdue University. In the last few years he has published books in geostrategy, defence and fighter aircraft. David’s current major research interest is cancer with research being undertaken at Curtin University.

David is based in Perth.