Speakers on climate

Joanne Nova

Joanne Nova is a prominent contributor to discussion of climate science fom a realist perspective. Her website discussing the science of climate and the costs of global warming policies has been educating Australians on the global warming fraud for over 10 years.  Joanne has a way of looking at issues from a fresh perspective, which combined with an acerbic written style, is quite entertaining. Her lectures on the ongoing fraud and its calamitous consequences for Australia are no less entertaining.

Joanne finished her Bachelor of Science degree with first class honours, A+ grades and both the FH Faulding, and The Swan Brewery Prizes, at the University of Western Australia. She majored in Microbiology, Molecular Biology and did honours research into DNA markers for use in Muscular Dystrophy trials. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Science Communication from the ANU, and worked for three years as an Associate Lecturer for the Graduate Diploma in Science Communication program at the Australian National University.

As the consequences of the global warming fraud on the cost of power have started to hit Australian families and business, Joanne’s website has become the go-to place to get detail on the unfolding tragedy and the pointlessness of it all.

Joanne is based in Perth.