Speakers on climate

Tom Quirk

Tom has been a critic of global warming hysteria for over a decade. He is an original thinker in the global warming debate. His opinion editorials and analyses on topics of energy policy and global warming have been frequently referred to and quoted by Andrew Bolt and republished and promoted by Joanne Nova and Jennifer Marohasy.

Tom trained as a nuclear physicist at the University of Melbourne and the University of Oxford.. He has been a Fellow of three Oxford Colleges while working at nuclear accelerator laboratories in Europe. In addition he has lived and worked as an associate of the Fermi Institute at the University of Chicago and had a long collaboration with physicists at Harvard University in the United States. In addition, Tom graduated from the Harvard Business School and subsequently worked for Rio Tinto, where he was seconded to work for James D Wolfensohn in a venture capital fund based in New York. He was an early director of Biota, the developer of an influenza drug, a director of Peptech. Tom also helped establish EnGeneIC in Sydney and has been chairman of Virax.

In addition he was a founding Director of the Victorian Power Exchange (VPX), the first wholesale electricity market in Australia and has been Deputy Chairman of VENCorp, the company that managed the transmission and the market for wholesale natural gas and founding Chairman of Victrack, the owner of the railway assets in Victoria.

Tom is based in Melbourne.